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Solent University adopts Quicklink Studio (ST55) to upskill the next generation of Sports Broadcast Journalism

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Solent University, known for its rich educational legacy dating back to 1855, is advancing student learning experiences through innovative broadcasting techniques. Recently, during their Sports Day event, Solent University successfully utilized Quicklink Studio (ST55) to elevate the quality of live sports broadcasting and equip students with industry-standard skills in remote contribution.

Through the integration of Quicklink Studio (ST55) into their curriculum, Solent University displayed a proactive initiative to equip students with industry-standard broadcasting skills. This was demonstrated during Solent Sports Day 2023 event in December, in which reporters from diverse locations, including Austria, were seamlessly integrated into to live broadcast using Quicklink Studio (ST55) – the world’s best remote guest solution.

The use of the Quicklink’s solutions has been a real game changer for us on the sports journalism degree.  We always aim to be ambitious at Solent University and push the boundaries as to what we can achieve in our teaching and learning.” Said Will Cope, Associate Head of Film & Media

Serving as the linchpin for facilitating these remote connections, Quicklink Studio enabled the sports journalism students to remotely contribute in high-quality using just a web-browser on a mobile or laptop device – requiring no apps, software or complicated configuration. Through the use of Quicklink Studio, Solent University provided students practical skills in widely used video production solutions, preparing them for the evolving film, television and media landscape.

Will added; “The sports journalism degree is very lucky that we have first class technical instructors and without their ‘can do attitude’ and industry experience – coupled with Quicklink’s fantastic capabilities – the students wouldn’t profit from these truly memorable learning experiences.  The fact that we are seamlessly able to send students to sporting events all over Europe, confident in the knowledge that the Quicklink technology will stand up to the demands of live broadcasting, gives us a huge amount of confidence in what we teach

Utilizing the Quicklink Manager, students could easily deploy invitations to sports journalism students via SMS, WhatsApp or email. Once joined, operators have full operational control of virtual rooms and device settings from a central web-based portal accessible from any global location. Using the intuitive remote management controls, Solent University’s students can very easily pre-screen, control and manage their remote guests, including camera/microphone/speakers selection, resolution, audio mode/gain and more.

Quicklink Studio has enabled us to continue reflecting the industry with regards to our live broadcasts” said Richard Hammond, Technical Instructor at Solent University. “The Quicklink Manager is designed in a way that doesn’t require extensive technical knowledge. The interface is very intuitive, enabling us to allow our students to fully manage and communicate with all live connections, keeping all connections and live patching streamlined.

Quicklink, a global-leader in remote production solutions, are committed to offering cutting-edge remote production solutions and 20-year industry-wide knowledge that empower universities like Solent to deliver immersive and practical learning experiences.

For more information about Quicklink Studio (ST55), please click here, and for additional information on the Quicklink Manager, click here.

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