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How Remote Commentary can unlock global growth for niche sports


Live commentary is an essential ingredient for engaging viewers and intensifying viewers enjoyment of a sport. However, for niche sports, traditional in-person commentary has inherent limitations when broadcast budgets are tight, logistics are a challenge, and resource is limited. Quicklink’s Remote Commentary solution opens up possibilities by making global, multi-language coverage achievable from anywhere.

The challenges facing niche sports commentary

Consider an up-and-coming sport in its infancy. While passionate fans exist worldwide, mainstream broadcasters often focus interest elsewhere. The limited revenue opportunities restrict niche sports from flying commentators to every tournament location.

This hampers efforts to create awareness-building content that could draw new viewers from different countries. Without affordable ways to cover more events, emerging sports struggle to build their brands and increase visibility.

Many other sports, like handball, ultimate frisbee, dodgeball, slap-fighting and more, face comparable barriers. Budget constraints prevent incorporating features like multi-language commentary. Yet worldwide reach and localizing content are key ingredients for expanding viewership and revenues.

The traditional commentary model confined by on-site personnel and travel costs cannot fully serve niche sports and their goals of broadening their audiences in new locales.

Remote Commentary: Unlimited access worldwide

The Quicklink Remote Commentary solution removes the geographical and financial restrictions to make global, multi-language event coverage an attainable reality for any growing sport seeking a wider reach.

With Quicklink, commentators simply connect through a web browser on any Internet-connected device. They receive a high-quality, real-time live feed of the competition video and audio to call the play-by-play action from anywhere in the world – no travel required.

Without the costs of flights, hotels, and transport, there are no limits on the number of languages niche sports can provide commentary in. With Quicklink, up-and-coming sports can now assemble commentary teams from across the globe to cover every match affordably.

This form of quick and cost-effective access finally enables smaller sports to deliver the commentary depth and localization historically only available to major players. Now any sport can strategically expand reach and grow viewership through more languages and more events covered

Use case: Red Bull’s extreme sports portfolio

As a prime example, Red Bull leverages remote commentators to support its portfolio of extreme sports sponsorships which are broadcast live on Red Bull TV. These niche competitions in motocross, cliff diving, downhill mountain biking, speed flying, and more take place at venues scattered worldwide.

Utilizing a remote commentary strategy, Red Bull can deliver coverage in English, German, Spanish, and various other languages without excessive travel costs or logistical constraints. This helps grow engagement, interest and build fandom globally for these fringe, non-mainstream sports in which they sponsor.

Expanding Squash’s footprint: The PSA’s Remote Commentary usage

The Professional Squash Association oversees 1500+ players and 800+ global squash events yearly. In 2023, their broadcasting arm, SQUASHTV, aired over 960 matches, including the PSA World Tour, the pinnacle of world squash. PSA’s initial goal was to enhance coverage of lower-level events lacking full production.

The Quicklink Remote Commentary solution enabled cost-effective, high-quality commentary accessible from anywhere. SQUASHTV could easily distribute joinable web-URLs to commentators widely dispersed, and return a single on-site camera feed for casters to view and provide commentary. This enabled the elevation of production values across more events without excessive travel costs. Conscious of emissions, the PSA could also highlight smaller competitions to sponsors while minimizing unnecessary flights. The adoption of Quicklink solutions unlocked rich global coverage unattainable through traditional on-site methods alone, supercharging growth for this emerging sport.

The possibilities unlocked through accessibility

For smaller sports seeking to broaden their viewership, Quicklink’s Remote Commentary solution unlocks a world of potential. Delivering affordable multi-market reach gets more eyes on the action, opening new avenues for exposure, fans, sponsorships, and revenues.

The opportunities feel endless when even newer sports with smaller budgets can now replicate the commentary breadth once exclusive to major established players. Quicklink remote commentary offers the chance to truly supercharge growth through unprecedented accessibility.

Discover how Quicklink Remote Commentary opens new doors

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