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Remote Studio: How Quicklink enhanced Technology Days 2023


In December, Quicklink proudly sponsored and attended AVITENG’s Technology Days 2024, Turkey’s leading broadcast and content production technology event. The yearly two-day event in Istanbul is an excellent opportunity for visitors to convene to discuss, share ideas and experience the most innovative solutions from global leadings in the media, broadcast and content production technology industry.

With the latest announcements and product launches, Quicklink was invited to give a 40-minute presentation to a conference audience on challenges experienced by the industry, and Quicklink’s latest innovations.

A large challenge widely discussed by attendees was the demands for the industry to do more, with less, and how the adoption of remote production techniques is the way forward to overcome these challenges.

A large challenge widely discussed by attendees was the demands for the industry to do more, with less, and how the adoption of remote production techniques is the way forward to overcome these challenges.

To truly demonstrate and put-into-practice the possibilities of remote production, it was decided that Quicklink’s presentation slot was to be achieved completely remotely. Richard Rees, CEO of Quicklink, would present from a makeshift home studio in the Pyrenees Mountains, while the directing and production would be done remotely from the Quicklink’s UK office. On-site, Jake Edwards, Technical Support Manager, attended to deliver demonstrations of Quicklink Remote Studio and to manage the output of the remote presentation.

Hosting the presentation remotely would enable the conference audience to truly experience the advancements and possibilities of a remote studio production. It was decided to easily and effectively deliver an engaging remote presentation, that the Quicklink Remote Studio solution would be used.

Launched in early 2023, Quicklink Remote Studio is a powerful, all-in-one solution for creating a multi-camera remote studio. Utilising the Quicklink ST250, you can incorporate all elements of a studio, including multiple cameras, camera tally, camera pedestal, lighting, audio, confidence monitor, teleprompter, engineering talkback/IFB, backdrop monitor/display, chroma keying and more. Utilising the Remote Studio web-based user interface, you can remotely control all elements of the remote studio from a single intuitive interface.

A remote studio setup including three PTZ cameras, tripods, DMX lights, tie-clip microphone, return monitor and Quicklink ST250 was deployed to Richard’s home studio in the Pyrenees. The remote studio was assembled on-site by Richard, tests made by Quicklink engineers, and rehearsals started within hours of the equipment being received.

On 13th December, Richard delivered a 40-minute remote presentation in which Richard effectively addressed the conference audience to discuss the challenges experienced by the broadcast, media and entertainment industry, and introduce Quicklink’s award-winning remote production solutions and their benefits.

Utilising Quicklink Bridge technology, the presentation and all elements of the remote studio were controlled by a Director and Engineers/Technicians based in the Quicklink headquarters in the United Kingdom. From here, the director could easily frame the cameras, adjust lighting and other elements using the Remote Studio’s easy-to-use web-based interface.

The feedback from attendees was extremely positive,” said Jake Edwards, Technical Support Manager at Quicklink. “Attendees of the conference highly appreciated the remote element of the presentation, and felt that putting the Quicklink Remote Studio into practical usage was very useful“.

During the presentation, Richard also discussed how ground-breaking AI advancements can be used to become more efficient and enhance production quality. Incorporated within Quicklink Remote Studio, innovative NVIDIA AI technology can be used to correct eye contact, automatically frame camera shots, remove video noise, and cancel any background noise or echo.

Through Richard’s experience of delivering a remote presentation utilising Quicklink Remote Studio and ST250, the advantages of the Quicklink solution were recognised first-hand. The solution is extremely easy to integrate, and

The Quicklink Remote Studio solution was developed to remove the pain barrier for engineers, but now I believe it services both the engineering team and the end presenter in providing a truly painless experience,” said Richard Rees, CEO of Quicklink

The success of the remote presentation at AVITENG Tech Days 2023 demonstrates the future of hybrid speaking engagements at productions and events. The event further showcased the advantages of remote production solutions, including the Quicklink Remote Studio, and how these solutions can remove barriers for speakers, and reduce travel constraints, expenses, and environmental impact.

Our presentation slot at AVITENG Tech Days is a prime example of how broadcasters and production companies can achieve more from being more efficient with the resource they already have,” added Richard. “Quicklink Remote Studio delivers a single solution that maintains the high-quality and professionalism that is to be expected

The experience of the presenter perspective was detailed by Richard Rees in a journal entry, which can be found here.

To learn more about the Quicklink Remote Studio solution, please click here.

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