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remote commentary
over the public internet
from any location

Integrate high-quality commentators from any location worldwide

This cutting-edge platform empowers on-air hosts, live announcers, and sports event commentators to deliver high-quality, engaging commentary from the comfort of their homes, hotel rooms, or any place with an internet connection. Thanks to a browser-based interface, accessible via laptops or smart devices, logging in and joining a production is a breeze.

Commentators receive a high-quality, low-latency event preview, ensuring their commentary is perfectly synchronized with the live action, courtesy of QuickLink’s advanced auto-sync technology. This enables on-air teams to interact as if they were physically together, preserving the natural flow and banter that is essential to a compelling broadcast.

Single or collaborative commentary – achieve it all!

The platform is designed to facilitate real-time interaction among team members, who can see and hear each other with clarity, including a private back channel for visual cues, making it the ultimate virtual environment for collaborative commentary.

Comprehensive audio management tools for achieving perfect commentary

QuickLink is also adept at handling multi-lingual broadcasts for international events, supporting multiple, independent audio channels. This allows for the creation of distinct commentary teams for each language or category, each receiving the same live feed but only interacting within their specific group.

Achieve perfect commentary with remote audio management for level control, balance, mute/unmute and syncing with your event. Localized commentary feeds are seamlessly integrated with the video, maintaining perfect synchronization.

Remote Commentary that seamlessly fits into any workflow

Setting up QuickLink StudioPro is straightforward, eliminating the need for costly on-site equipment or REMI setups. All that’s required is a consumer-grade laptop and a microphone, making it a cost-effective solution that charges only for actual usage time.

This cloud-based platform signifies a leap forward in the future of commentary, making it accessible, efficient, and flexible for broadcasting needs worldwide.

Seamlessly integrate into any production tool

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