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StudioCall Features

SMS, WhatsApp, secure unique URL link or Email invitations

Instantly invite your remote contributors using a variety of different methods, including via SMS, WhatsApp, Email or by generating a unique URL link.

Web-browser based

Accessible using just a web-browser on any desktop, laptop or mobile device with no app or software installs required!

Carbon Calculator

The Carbon Calculator automatically calculates the CO2 emissions avoided as a result of contributing using QuickLink StudioCall, including effective carbon reporting within the Quicklink StudioManager.

Assisted Invite

Ensure your contributors are ready-to-go with Assisted Invite mode. Through a series of step-by-step instructions, your contributor is fully prepared, set-up and tested to go into a live environment!

As part of the steps, your contributor is guided through enabling access to their camera/microphone, configuring their camera, microphone and speaker, and troubleshooting. The contributor also runs through a quick test call to check their network status and that they have the recommended upload speed needed.

Language Localisation

Serve all content in the browser-detected local language. With language localisation, your contributors always see content, such as the waiting page, in their local language.

A simple, and easy-to-use interface

Designed with ease-of-use and familiarity at the forefront, QuickLink StudioCall can be used by anyone – without having any technical expertise.

Inbuilt echo cancellation

For contributors with no earphones or headphones, echo cancellation is inbuild to eliminate echo and give the best voice quality possible.

End-to-end encryption

Full end-to-end audio and video encryption – meaning that all audio and video from your contributors is always encrypted and can never be seen or read by anyone!

Contributor privacy protocols

QuickLink StudioCall incorporates the protocols required to offer contributors the complete privacy that is required, including approval for microphone/camera control.

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