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CSR (Corporate Secure Relay) Reduce network implementation
complexity and enhance your
network security

What is CSR (Corporate Secure Relay)?

CSR (Corporate Secure Relay) is a point-to-point relay room within the QuickLink StudioManager that allows the traversing of heavily-restricted networks while also offering enhanced network security.

This additional option can be obtained by discussing with a QuickLink Sales team representative.

Reduce network implementation & traverse heavily-restricted networks

The CSR (Corporate Secure Relay) room greatly reduces network complexity by reducing the number of IPs that need to be opened to a single IP. This is achievable by relaying through a private and dedicated QuickLink SFU.

For ease of implementation, this option is useful for heavily-restricted networks often found at Corporate business premises.

Reliably protect your network from outside threats

The QuickLink StudioManager features core layers of operational security including two-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption.

Requiring just a single IP, CSR (Corporate Secure Relay) allows you to further protect your network by reducing the amount of IPs that can be targeted by outside threats. Additional CSR failover options can also be achieved by discussing with the QuickLink Sales team.

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