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In-depth Features



Native support for 4320p resolution at 60fps.

8K UHD Workflow

Full support for max-capacity 8K UHD workflows for switching, streaming and recording.


Support for the latest 12G-SDI cutting edge technology with 8K support.

* 16 x 12G-SDI on StudioPro-16. 8 x 12G-SDI on StudioPro-8


Native support for 4320p resolution at 60fps.


Livewire+ AES67

Native support for 4320p resolution at 60fps.

Dante™ Audio Networking

Support for any compatible audio devices over IP using Dante™ from Audinate.

* Requires a third-party software license

Audio Bus

Easily and independently route sources to create a mix-minus, with full balance and audio delay control.


Fine-tune specific parameters for sources using Compressor and Limiter filters, including Ratio, Threshold, Attack, Release, Output Gain and Sidechain/Ducking Source.


Monitor your production audio by listening privately to program or any input source.

Level Control

Independently tweak audio levels for each audio device, mix and program audio within the Audio Mixer.

Multi-Channel Audio Mixer

A professional multi-channel audio mixer supporting up to 8 channels of audio. Configure and manage audio levels of each individual source, mix outputs and program.

Noise Gate

Cut off low-level background noise with parameters including Close/Open Threshold, Attach Time, Hold Time and Release Time.


Introduce any WDM audio driver-compatible USB audio devices.

VU Metering

Volume (VU) meter displays built into the professional Audio Mixer and Program.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Incorporating innovative AI technology in NVIDIA Maxine to increase production quality and productivity of productions. Includes Eye Contact, Artifact Reduction, Video Noise Removal, Auto Framing and more.

Eye Contact

Ensure that your presenters and guests are always looking directly at the camera, even when looking away at notes, teleprompts or additional monitors. Having your presenters or guests looking directly at the camera keeps the audience engaged and focused. Powered by NVIDIA Maxine.

Video Noise Removal

Analyse video and identify & remove any noise or interferences caused by background light levels, reflections, shadows and more — providing a clearer and sharper image. Powered by NVIDIA Maxine.

Noise and Echo Cancellation

Detects common background noise and removes echo reverberations using state-of-the-art AI models. Produces audio that is clear and precise. Powered by NVIDIA Maxine.

Auto Framing

Automatically detect and track your subjects with Auto Framing. Have your presenters or guests being front and centre, keep the focus of the audience resulting in a more polished and smooth production. Powered by NVIDIA Maxine.


Crop Edges

Intuitively crop the left, right, top and bottom crop margins with fine-tune selection or drag crop.


Custom label your sources to suit naming conventions and workflow preferences, excellent for referencing or locating existing sources.

Quick Add

Quickly create or add sources easily with a one-button click, allowing you to build or edit your productions on the fly without complication.


Easily move, position, crop, rotate and flip sources with precise and intuitive controls — ensuring perfectly desired positioning.

Alignment Snapping

Effortlessly build your productions with snapping to edge of screen, other sources and horizontal/vertical center.


Perfectly build scenes with effective source guidelines, helping you to perfectly position sources within your productions.


Control Panels

Control at your fingertips with high-quality, purpose-built control panels. Available in a number of different variations, setups and configurations.

Cloud-based Control Panel

Seamlessly remotely control your StudioPro productions from any global location with zero network configuration required.


Supports any compatible MIDI devices to further expand control options, ability to control scene selection, audio, media, transitions and more.

Customized Workspace

Fully customize your user interface and only display the docks that are suitable to you. Including Sources, DSK, DMX, Pre-amp, PTZ, PTZ Elevation, Audio Mixer and Lower Thirds.

Touchscreen Support

Touch-friendly designed user interface for interaction via a touchscreen display. Ideal for quickly performing tasks such as switching and transitioning.

User Interface

Intuitive user interface designed with ease-of-use and familiarity in mind.

Macro Automation

Automate sequences and actions with Macros, based on Scene, Source, Media, Video, Streaming, Recording, Media, Transition, Timer, WebSocket, and more.



Broadcast-standard SDI input/output with support for 8K/4K/2K/HD/SD video formats.

* Available on StudioPro-16 & StudioPro-8 only

Remote Guests

Easily integrate remote guests from virtually any video conferencing platform, including QuickLink StudioCall, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Discord, Slack, and more as unique sources.

Skype TX

Integrated Skype TX channels, allowing the introduction of Skype or Microsoft Teams callers into productions with professional management.


Supports pan/tilt/zoom cameras via RS232, RS422 and IP.

PTZ Camera Control

PTZ Camera Control Native control of pan, tilt, zoom, focus, white balance, speed control and more, directly from the user interface.



Send and receive video, audio, and data over IP to and from compatible production systems, devices, and applications across networks using Network Device Interface (NDI) technology.


Send and receive video, audio, and data over IP to and from compatible production systems, devices, and applications across networks using Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) technology.


Send and receive video, audio, and data over IP to and from compatible production systems, devices, and applications across networks using Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) technology.

QuickLink StudioCall

Send and receive video, audio, and data over IP to and from compatible production systems, devices, and applications across networks using QuickLink StudioCall Technology.


Live Output Monitoring

Work with higher-quality video output previews, taking advantage of enhanced signal processing and full field-rate deinterlacing. Including real-time audio monitoring.


Monitor the multiple video signals from scenes, sources and program output simultaneously with projectors built into the user interface display, and extend monitoring to 5 additional dedicated multiviewer displays.

NDI Test Patterns

Send and receive reference signals across the network via NDI to confirm connectivity and enable audio and video calibration.

NDI Studio Monitor

View NDI video sources on the system or anywhere on the network from a dedicated window on a compatible computer or device, or designate for display using an array of configuration and control options.

Production Clock

View the system clock natively within the user interface, useful for precise timing of productions.



Store and display photos, images, and full-screen and partial-screen graphics of virtually any file format.

Live Title Editing

Edit and update title text in real time to create new or revise current titles while a live production is in progress.


Load and sequence media player items into storyboard-style playlists with simple, drag-and-drop organization, Autoplay setting, and multiple presets.


Load and play sound files including Internet, YouTube, audio tracks, music beds, and sound effects, individually or in playlist format.

Transport Controls

Manage media playback with familiar controls such as Play, Pause, Stop and Status Bar.

Instant Replay

Easily insert instant replays from up to 8 NDI or SDI input recordings. Customise actions at end of replay scene.



Reduce setup time with automatic detection of resolution and frame rate for most session-format SDI cameras.

Backup and Restore

Backup all your settings to an external network drive and easily restore to another system.

NDI Frame Sync

Eliminate signal timing concerns, with an internal frame synchronizer enabled with support for the Network Time Protocol (NTP).

Redundant Power

Safeguard system availability with redundant, removable power supplies included with 4RU system hardware configurations.

* Only available on StudioPro-16


Launch sessions in any of the supported resolutions and frame rates, including 4K UHD, 3G, HD, and SD selections.

Signal Processing

Maintain signal quality from end to end with video and images processed at their native resolution — no up conversion or down conversion required.


Erase the effects of recent actions, returning to prior switcher states with convenient undo and redo commands.

USB-C and USB 3.1*

Utilize the onboard USB-C and USB 3.1 connections for high-speed file transfer and external capture workflows.

* Available on StudioPro-16 & StudioPro-8

Video Standards

Produce video anywhere in the world, with comprehensive support for all common NTSC and PAL video standards.


NDI Source Output

Select local video sources and translate to NDI for output to the network for use by other NDI-enabled devices throughout production facilities.

NDI Scene Output

Up to 120 independent outputs via NDI.

Scene Output

Up to 8 independent outputs available as both SDI and simultaneous NDI.

Preview Output

Switch live cameras, play back stored media, apply overlays, and more, then output the composite result as an auxiliary video.

Program Output

Switch live cameras, play back stored media, apply overlays, and more, then output the composite result as the primary video mix.

Simultaneous SDI/IP Output

Output video to local and network destinations at the same time, with video mix outputs configurable for simultaneous SDI and IP video delivery.

Stream Output

Output live streaming video from productions to the Web, with configurable audio and video sources/


External Recorders

Capture up to 10 external NDI® sources over the network to ISO format.

AV1/HEVC/H.264 Recording

Enable multi-channel recordings for distribution purposes, with multiple selectable profiles.

Multi-Channel ISO Recording

Record up to 10 channels of video to internal, external, or shared storage simultaneously.

Program Record

Record entire programs up to UHD level video files for upload, archive, or distribution.

Recordings Folder

Select a dedicated folder for all completed recordings to save for quick-and-easy browsing and locating.

Source Record

Designate up to 10 individual video sources for capture to acquire raw footage from productions.

NDI® Recordings

Record up to 10 NDI sources to disk without additional data compression. Media is converted directly into files, stored and fully synchronized to UTC.


Live Streaming & Publishing

Configure and launch live streaming video to the Web with built-in streaming encoders supporting a choice of connection types, resolutions, and streaming providers, including multiple preset options and custom profile settings. QuickLink StudioPro supports encoding of 5 channels in anything from HD to UHD simultaneously.

SRT Streaming

SRT provides low latency, secure end-to-end transmission for reliable transmission over WAN; ideal for congested networks to help combat video stream jitters and packet loss.

Streaming Destinations

Use any of a number of default streaming provider presets, including Facebook Live, Livestream, Mixcloud,, Twitch, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, and more, or configure custom connections and designate as presets.


Combine Mode

Combine Preview/Program into a single switcher for easy-of-use operation.

External Input Configuration

Independently configure each external input on the switcher for any connected camera, hardware video source, or IP video source.


Apply titles, graphics, animations, and picture-in-picture video to video programs, layering elements over live cameras and other video sources with downstream key (DSK) and upstream key (KEY) channels.

Production Switcher

Mix multiple live cameras and video feeds with stored media, including video clips, still images, graphics, and animations; plus video over IP, layered compositions, and live virtual sets.

Program/Preview Workflow

Sequence and switch between camera angles and other video sources using a choice of transitions, and set up and see the composition of the next shot before you take it live to air.


Configure and preview settings for the switcher or scenes with sandbox-style control on a discrete bus, then take live or apply across multiple buses with copy-and-paste simplicity.

Source Switching

Select and switch between live sources by clicking or tapping once for preview and twice for program view in the multiviewer, rather than pressing switcher buttons.

Switcher Banks

Access and mix with all sources from the switcher, including every external input and buffer, with five tabbed button banks and 120 scene presets.


Compatible with the QuickLink ecosystem

Scale up according to your production demands. Add-on modules, cloud instances and hardware as required.

Developer Network

Customize your control utilising a variety of development environments including API calls, WebSocket, Stream Deck, Bitfocus Companion and various MIDI protocols.

Professional Services

Leverage QuickLink’s expertise in video production technology and workflows to support installations, workflow designs, systems engineering, and automation programming, as well as production development, project coordination, on-site training and assistance, and more.


Top-priority 24/7 access and live one-to-one remote hands from an experienced, highly trained team of specialists. Receive assistance via phone support, email or utilize online FAQs and knowledge bases for product education.

Updates and Upgrades

All upgrades and updates are included in the QuickLink SLA.

QuickLink University

Learn about basic and advanced operation with online training videos, including useful tips, tricks, and more that can make production easier and more efficient.

QuickLink Knowledge Base

Learn about basic and advanced operation with online training videos, including useful tips, tricks, and more that can make production easier and more efficient.


Virtual Sets

Transform any location into a simulated studio environment, create and import custom set designs.

Alpha Channel Inputs/Outputs

Perfect for remote workflows allowing you to add graphics remotely. Operators can also send Alpha Channel through one of the MIX outputs.

Animated Transitions

Unlimited transition effects from local and cloud libraries. Create custom transition effects, embedding branding, logos, and other visuals into full-colour animated overlays with sound effects.


Supports Adobe Creative Cloud® and other third-party graphic creation platforms.


Apply unlimited transitions to video scenes, and overlays with multiple effects channels and thousands of industry-standard wipes, dissolves, trajectories, and more.

Graphic Integrations

Native graphics integrations with cloud-graphic overlay solutions, including Dizplai, Flowics, HYPER and Singular.


IP Tally

Provide visual indication of on-air status over the network for both preview and program.

Interactive Media Browser

Perform all sorts of custom layout, image, video, and even audio tasks. Anything that you can program to run in a normal browser (within reason, of course), can be added directly to StudioPro.

NDI Connect

Access video sources connected to a compatible workstation across the network via NDI, including capture cards, audio cards, webcams, and more.

NDI for Adobe® Creative Cloud®

Receive content directly from the timeline of any compatible Adobe Creative Cloud application, delivered via NDI from any computer on the network for use as a live video input source

NDI IsoCorder

Expand recording capabilities incrementally, capturing NDI video sources across the network using a compatible workstation.

NDI Virtual Input

Designate an available NDI source as the video input for popular software applications that support a webcam, including Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, Skype TX, Zoom, and more.

NDI VLC Plugin

Receive input from VLC media player running on a host computer across the network via NDI and use as a switchable video source.

Ultra-Low Latency

Ultra-low throughput latency at approximately 1 frame.

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