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The QuickLink TX Duo Broadcast-quality, multi channel video calling with professional production control

The QuickLink TX Duo allows you to manage two simultaneous Skype/Microsoft Teams calls to be processed as 2 SDI/NDI™ outputs. The QuickLink TX Duo enables you to access 300 million Skype & Teams users for inclusion for remote interviews within live broadcasts, TV game shows, worship events or large managed corporate events.


Skype TX Controller Application

Skype TX Controller

The Skype TX controller software enables broadcasters and content producers to manage multiple QuickLink TX units from a single user interface.

The Skype TX controller includes live video previews, remote setting controls and integration with Skype & Teams contacts.

QuickLink TX Control Panel

The QuickLink Control Panel will provide complete management and control of input and output settings for each individual caller

Features of the Control Panel include: IFB Return Audio, Tally Light, Audio Properties, Colour Correction and Call Recording.

The QuickLink Control Panel can be installed on any PC/Laptop using the same local network connection as the TX unit

Workflow Applications

Talk Shows

Any Skype or Teams client using any video-enabled device can connect and send audio and video to The QuickLink TX.

Remote Studios

Send and receive audio/video via the SDI or HDMI I/O. This is ideal if you have multiple production sites.


Send high-quality professional streams to a Skype or Teams client for viewing on a laptop or monitor.


QuickLink StudioEdge

Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom, Discord, WhatApp, and more!

QuickLink TX

1 Skype/Teams call
1 SDI input/output

QuickLink TX Quad

4 Skype/Teams calls
4 SDI input/output

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