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Powerful companies communicatepowerfully

QuickLink StudioPro makes it easy

Business success requires effective communication. Multi-camera video production is the world’s most powerful method. Yet production has always been the domain of the highly trained (and paid), specialized video production crew. Until now.

StudioPro is ideal for the following corporate communication tasks:

The World's Easiest-to-Use 4K Video Production Platform

Enjoy a true-to-life, ultra-low latency production experience without the complexity of legacy systems – ideal for the corporate environment!

Using QuickLink’s astounding one-frame delay technology, synchronize flawlessly between stage speakers and large projected screens or video walls for live presentations. Eliminate lip synching issues.

Produce amazing ‘scenes’, like creating presentation slides. Add multiple layers and switch effortlessly between scenes. Adapt your PowerPoint skills to broadcasting.

Seamlessly integrate remote guests via QuickLink StudioCall, Teams, Zoom, and Skype calls with other camera feeds, audio sources, images, videos, and graphics.

Create unforgettable large-scale or intimate productions while remaining on-brand. Broadcast simultaneously to multiple physical, digital, and social destinations, supporting multi-aspect ratio outputs.

Take remote guest integration to unprecedented heights by utilizing QuickLink’s renowned StudioEdge remote control expertise over production elements (built into StudioPro.)

Effortlessly capture and integrate unlimited cameras, microphones, videos, NDI sources, and remote guests into your productions.

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